Transcript of my podcast episode (40)

Hi there! This is ENGSPRESSO episode no. 40! What a round number, isn’t it? If you found out about this podcast series just after it had started, we’ve kind of known each other for two years now. Well, our acquaintance is rather one-sided because most probably I don’t know you at all, but I just assume you’re a nice human being that I could chat with, so I’m glad you’re here. But now you also know why I often ask you to say hi to me on Instagram or Facebook, or even here on Spotify – I simply have no idea who listens to my podcast on a daily basis. I just know you’re one of my hundreds, or even thousands of listeners, but I don’t personally know you, and that’s a pity. So our communication will be only one-sided unless you let me know who you are. Don’t be a stranger and send me a message. What do you say? I’ll be delighted to exchange a few words with you, so I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

By the way, if you like English idioms, and you’ve already got my first flashcard e-book with 365 of them, you’ll be happy about what I’m going to say now: I will have finished the content of the second part of the e-book by the end of February. That means you can expect another 365 flashcards with English idioms and example sentences at the level B1-C1 quite soon! I can’t wait to publish the second e-book because it’s been almost 3 years since I created the first one. Anyway, although I had been procrastinating on that a lot, you see, I knew that I would finally get down to the second part too – better late than never! And it’s worth mentioning here that my first e-book with idioms is a real gem, so you’d better check it out if you haven’t done it yet. Visit my website and pop into the shop!

And now it’s time to teach you another two expressions!

The first one is A GAME CHANGER. If something is a game changer, it’s revolutionary, usually in a positive way; it has a big and important effect on something.

For instance: Their brand was once featured in this magazine, and that was a real game changer for them. Now, repeat after me.
The translation is: Ich marka została kiedyś przedstawiona w tym magazynie i to było dla nich prawdziwym przełomem.

Another example: If AI-based technology weren’t such a game changer, nobody would talk about it.
Gdyby technologia oparta na sztucznej inteligencji nie była tak przełomowa, nikt by o niej nie mówił.

The second expression is A MOOD SWING or MOOD SWINGS. It means 'a sharp and inexplicable change in mood’. In other words, if someone has or suffers from mood swings, their mood may be very unstable.

For instance: Her mood swings are unpredictable – one moment she’s happy, and the next, she gets upset for no reason.
Jej wahania nastroju są nieprzewidywalne – w jednej chwili jest szczęśliwa, a w następnej denerwuje się bez powodu.

Another example: The reason for your mood swings may be staying up late, so just start going to bed earlier.
Powodem twoich wahań nastroju może być późne chodzenie spać, więc po prostu zacznij kłaść się wcześniej.

And now it’s time for your ENGSPRESSO to go!

Our context for the phrases is:

The supplement I’ve been taking is a game changer for me – my mood swings are completely gone!
Suplement, który biorę, jest dla mnie przełomowy – moje wahania nastroju całkowicie zniknęły!

Great! I just hope you haven’t had any mood swings these days. Remember the spring is on its way, so there’s something to look forward to. As you can guess, I’m really excited about it because I’m not big on the winter season. All right, I’m starting to talk about the weather again, so I’d better wrap things up. Don’t forget about what I said at the beginning of this episode and do let me know who you are, why you listen to ENGSPRESSO, and what you’d like to hear in the next episodes.

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Thanks for listening and talk to you soon!