Transcript of my podcast episode (27)

Hi again! This is ENGSPRESSO episode no. 27… already! Honestly, I can’t keep up with myself! Do you remember my first ENGSPRESSO workbook based on the first 10 episodes of this series? Well, it’s high time I created the second part of it because soon, I’ll have to create the third one! Frankly speaking, though, I still have to finish another e-book, which is the second part of my e-book with English idioms. I should have finished it a long time ago. So as you can hear, I have quite a lot on my plate, and I should probably catch up on my backlog as soon as possible. And in the meantime, I’d like to go on some holiday, too! How about you? Have you been snowed under with work lately? Have you planned your spring or summer holidays yet? Perhaps you’re going to go on some city break? Feel free to share your plans with me, for example, on Instagram.

All right! I’ve made some small talk with you, so now it’s time for another two expressions!

The first one is BY THE WAY. This phrase is used to introduce a new subject to be considered or to give further information.

For instance: By the way, does she have a passport? She can’t go to England without it. Now, repeat after me.
The translation is: Swoją drogą, czy ona ma paszport? Bez niego nie może jechać do Anglii.

Another example: I’ve heard you’re starting a new job next week. By the way, what company is it?
Słyszałam, że w przyszłym tygodniu zaczynasz nową pracę. A propos, jaka to firma?

The second expression is ON AVERAGE. It’s used for talking about what is usually true, although it may not be true in every individual situation.

For instance: On average, people spend about two hours on social media every day.
Średnio ludzie spędzają codziennie około dwóch godzin w mediach społecznościowych.

Another example: The restaurant receives, on average, 50 customers a day.
Ta restauracja przyjmuje średnio 50 klientów dziennie.

And now it’s time for your ENGSPRESSO to go!

Our context for the phrases is:

By the way, did you know that, on average, we blink 15 times per minute?
Swoją drogą, wiedziałeś, że mrugamy średnio 15 razy na minutę?

Brilliant! Now you can definitely tick English off your to-do list for today! If you don’t understand everything I said, check out the transcript of this episode – go to my website or click the link found in the description of the episode. And if you’d like to get my ebooks or courses online, visit my shop at

Thank you for your time and speak to you soon!