Transcript of my podcast episode (20)

Here is ENGSPRESSO episode no. 20. How are you doing? How’s your speaking? Have you been practising lately? Do you ever repeat any phrases after me? I guess you do – at least sometimes – because you’re still here, listening to another episode. Well done! And thank you for sticking around!

Last time I mentioned my new audio course KURS DO KAWY dla zabieganych B1-B2: powtarzaj za mną thanks to which you’ll be able to practise your listening and speaking skills with me even more intensively than here. So the course is still in the making, but as you might know, the first 10 audio lessons are already available in my shop online. You can get access to them for a whole month for less than a cup of coffee. I guess that by the end of the month, I will have finished working on the course, and you’ll get access to as many as 50 audio lessons at once. It’ll be a perfect Christmas gift for you. So stay tuned because it’s coming soon!

And here are another two expressions that I’d like you to learn.

The first one is TO MEET A CHALLENGE. When you meet a challenge, you deal with something difficult or demanding that you have to do.

For instance: Will you be able to meet all the challenges that come with the job? Now, repeat after me.
The translation is: Czy będziesz w stanie sprostać wszystkim wyzwaniom związanym z tą pracą / jakie niesie ze sobą ta praca?

Another example: You should try to meet the challenge –  I’ve got your back.
Powinieneś spróbować sprostać temu wyzwaniu – wspieram cię / stoję za tobą murem.

The second expression is TO LOSE TRACK OF STH. When you lose track of something, you no longer know what is happening, or you don’t remember something.

For instance: We had so much fun at the party that we completely lost track of time!
Tak dobrze bawiliśmy się na tej imprezie, że kompletnie straciliśmy poczucie/rachubę czasu!

Another example: I don’t know how many times they’ve proposed to me – I’ve lost track!
Nie wiem, ile razy mi się oświadczali – straciłam rachubę!

And now it’s time for your ENGSPRESSO to go!

Our context for the phrases is:

When he started telling us about all the challenges that he’d already met, we lost track of their number.
Kiedy zaczął opowiadać nam o wszystkich wyzwaniach, jakim już sprostał, straciliśmy rachubę / nie wiedzieliśmy już, ile ich było.

Excellent! Now you can tick English off your to-do list again. Doesn’t it feel good? You’re getting better and better with me, and it’s something to be proud of! And I hope you haven’t lost track of the number of these episodes. There are 20 of them now, so it’s quite a nice portion of English for you – over 120 minutes of audio material! If you need more, check out the audio course I mentioned at the beginning of this episode by visiting my virtual shop.

Let me also remind you that you can find all the transcripts of ENGSPRESSO episodes on the main page of my website

Thanks for your time and talk to you soon!