Transcript of my podcast episode (17)

This is episode 17 of my ENGSPRESSO series. I hope you’re glad to hear me again! I’ve received loads of messages in which you thank me for this podcast, so it seems I’ve been doing a good job because so many of you are improving your fluency in English just by listening to me and repeating English phrases after me. Isn’t that amazing?! This is actually my goal – I want to make you speak English with confidence. And I’m doing it, I’m achieving the goal. In fact, we’re achieving this goal together, so it’s our mutual success!

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Now, let me teach you another two expressions.

The first one is TO GAIN (AN) INSIGHT INTO STH. When you gain (an) insight into something, you gain an accurate and deep understanding of something, which simply means that you start understanding something very well.

For instance: The book helped her to gain an insight into the culture of ancient Greece. Now, repeat after me.
The translation is: Ta książka pomogła jej zgłębić kulturę starożytnej Grecji.

Another example: Gaining insight into interpersonal relationships is surely the goal of all psychologists.
Zgłębianie relacji międzyludzkich jest niewątpliwie celem wszystkich psychologów.

The second expression is ONCE AND FOR ALL. It means ‘completely and finally’. Of course, it’ll be best to hear the expression in some context.

For instance: We should decide, once and for all, if we want him on our team.
Powinniśmy ostatecznie / raz na zawsze zdecydować, czy chcemy go w naszym zespole.

Another example: I’m going to get rid of these old clothes once and for all!
Zamierzam pozbyć się tych starych ciuchów raz na zawsze / na dobre!

And now it’s time for your ENGSPRESSO to go!

Our context for the phrases is:

Once I gain an insight into the secrets of these fascinating animals, I will leave Japan once and for all.
Jak tylko zgłębię tajniki tych fascynujących zwierząt, opuszczę Japonię na dobre.

The last example sentence kind of smells of adventure, doesn’t it? I wonder if you’d like to gain an insight, for example, into the life in the jungle. I wouldn’t, for sure! Especially not by being in the jungle, no way! I’d rather gain an insight into the secrets of English grammar, you know me!

Make sure you understand everything I’ve just said and check out the transcript of this episode at the link in the description down below. You’ll also find it directly on my website

Thanks for tuning in and speak to you soon!